Saturday, 25 October 2008

precedent - bishan community library

For easy navigation and user orientation, the library is separated into distinct zones e.g. collection / program, services and circulation. The constant dialectic interplay of active/passive, quiet/noisy, bright/shaded between the different zones brings vibrancy to the library.

The parti formed an effective structural strategy, concentrating the structural supports onto the sides of the building allows for a huge expanse of column free space in the centre to cater for the main activities of the library. The various building services required by the library are concentrated in the core along CPF Building while the opposite end houses a tall atrium space which acts as the entrance space to the library.

Library plays an important role within the community. Thats why they had need to rethink the role of the library as the traditional repository of knowledge, the more pertinent issue at hand were how to engage the people. This is especially relevant for community libraries where the library shares an intricate relationship with the community, transcending the traditional boundaries of education, information and recreation.

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